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Call for papers 2018 | Rassegna Economica | Deadline June 25, 2018

cop-rassegnaThe 8° edition of the call for papers for the “Rassegna Economica” international journal is now open.

Under-35 researchers from both Italian and foreign universities are invited to partecipate in the competition for the publication of essays concerning one of the following strands of research:

  • the comparative features and the evolutionary dynamics of the Maritime Economy in the Mezzogiorno and in the rest of Italy. Case studies on the evolution and development of special economic zones around the globe, sustainable logistics, intermodality, investmentt of China in the Mediterranean. (articles written in Italian or English)analysis and studies on the relationship of Economy, Credit and Law. The value of non-observed economy in Italy and the Mezzogiorno, with comparisons with other European Countries. Dynamics, countermeasures, social and work policies, role of non-profit and associations, prevention and repression, regulations and laws. (articles written in Italian or English)

The papers can be written either in Italian or English. The selected papers will be published in the “Rassegna Economica” in an ‘ad hoc’ issue. In addition, the top first paper will be awarded a prize of 5000 €.

In order to take part to the Award, the candidate has to submit a short abstract by June 25, 2018.

All the information for the application will be available in the Regulation 2018.

For further information:

Regulation 2018
Application form 2018
Declaration form 2018

For details, please contact the administrative office of the “Rassegna Economica”’s Editorial office:
SRM – Administrative Office of the Economic Review’s Editorial Office
rassegna@sr-m.it | +39 0817913761
“Rassegna Economica” is the first and the oldest review already published in banking economy. Founded in 1931 by Banco di Napoli, it has been the ante litteram tool for an activity of a highly specialized economic and financial communication. Since the date of its first issue it has been edited by the Center for Studies and Researches of Banco di Napoli, and, since 2003 by SRM. It is a six-monthly periodical review whose aim is to offer an innovative point of view in banking, entrepreneurial and economic topics especially related to regional development. Since 1991, in the view of the new context of global market and European Union, it has included a detailed section focused on the analysis of the innovative finance and of the emerging national economic realities, thanks to the collaboration of world-renown authors (Galbraith, Buchanan, Klein, Becker, Tobin).
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