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about us


Our profile

“Studi e Ricerche per il Mezzogiorno” (SRM) is a Center for Economic Studies and Researches whose objective is to develop analysis on Italian regional economy in the European and Mediterranean perspective, with a special focus on Southern Italy’s economic, entrepreneurial and social tissue.  Thanks to our studies, published and available for business and academic community, we contribute to the dissemination of the economic knowledge and culture and to create an added value.

We have also activated two permanent observatories monitoring maritime transport, logistics and energy, strategic economic assets. We aim to keep Italy at the centre of our research on such topics while taking a close look at the increasingly changing global context.



Our mission
SRM produces for its shareholders and offer to the business and academic community detailed economic studies and analysis with the aim to improve the knowledge of Italian economy, with a special emphasis on South Regions and Mediterranean Area. Macroeconomics, infrastructure, entrepreneurship, public finance and the non-profit economy are the main topics.

SRM activities are divided into three intervention areas:

  • study and applied research activities on economic topics referred to Southern Italy, with the aim to provide useful support tools for the territory knowledge in the interest of its shareholders;
  • cultural promotion activities, prevailingly in the economic field, as a tool for growth for public and private enterprises;
  • services in favour of public and private bodies referred to the territory development.


Hot topics

On the basis of the guidelines established by the SRM Management Board, the topics of interest can be summarized in three research areas:

Business & Territory
Analysis of economic dynamics of companies, study of structural-economic situations, organizational evolution of the productive system, internationalization processes and dynamics of the sectors analysed alongside their financial requirements.

Maritime & Energy
Elaboration of economic data, information and reports about the maritime, logistic and energy sectors with particular attention to the Mediterranean basin and with Italy as the protagonist of the international context. In particular, thanks to the Permanent Observatory on the Economy of maritime transport and logistics , we monitor the economic dynamics and competitive processes of the Blue Economy. Also, thanks to the observatory on Energy, we analyse trends, flows and infrastructures with a special focus on the maritime ones as well as the main sectors/territories where the Energy Economy plays an important role.



As a result of its study and research activity, SRM publishes three different kinds of publishing products: periodical reports, monographic researches and reviews.

Periodical reports: SRM publishes three annual reports realized in cooperation with other research centers: the “Territorial Public Finance Report”, together with IPRES, IRES, IRPET, Eupolis Lombardia and Liguria Ricerche; the “Internationalization Report”, in collaboration with the Researches Department of Bank Intesa Sanpaolo. Moreover, SRM publishes  the six-monthly report entitled “Check-up Mezzogiorno”, together with Confindustria Mezzogiorno. Since 2012 SRM published the “Osservatorio Giovani Imprenditori”.

Monographic researches: Since 2003 SRM has developed an intense activity of publication of researches on topics connected with the analysis and monitoring of Southern Italy’s territory: infrastructures, public finance, entrepreneurship and non-profit sector.

Reviews: Since 2004 SRM has published the international review entitled “Rassegna Economica”, founded in 1931 by Banco di Napoli. Since 1993 it has published the two-monthly review entitled “Dossier Unione Europea” whose aim is to monitor the European policies and their impact on Southern Italy’s economy. A newly review is the “Quaderni di Economia Sociale”: a six monthly review edited by SRM and Fondazione con il Sud in cooperation with Banca Prossima (Intesa Sanpaolo Group); it is dedicated to solidarity, non-profit organizations and civic participation.

Moreover, SRM, in the framework of the Observatory on Southern Italy’s Economy, publishes the online three-monthly Statistical Report on Southern Italy’s Economy (including Lazio and Rome Region). The Report provides detailed statistical information related to regional economic trends.

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