Annual Report 2017 | Economic Relations between Italy and the Mediterranean Area

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Support our research project, register yourself and purchase the report With the 7th MED Annual Report we continue our studies and monitoring of the trend of bilateral trade flows between Italy and the MENA area (Middle East and North Africa), highlighting the competitive position of Italian manufacturing and its penetration capacity in these markets. As emerges in the first part of the book, the commercial exchange with the Area has grown by more than 50% over the last few years despite the socio-political upheaval in some countries on the Southern shore of the Mediterranean and an economic crisis not yet completely overcome. The Mediterranean area is now much more central in the world geo-economy (for example, China's Belt & Road Initiative in Mare Nostrum or the growing interest of Germany towards Africa) and, in this dynamic and competitive scenario, Italy has the concrete opportunity to become a strategic "bridge" with Europe. In this perspective, the monographic part of the Report is dedicated to the analysis of maritime traffic and portuality, with insights that concern the ZES (Special Economic Zone) instrument, increasingly widespread in the world and which is going to be tested also in Southern Italy thanks to the so-called "Mezzogiorno Decree", and innovation and research in the agri-food sector in Israel, one of the countries of interest by the SRM Mediterranean Observatory. The 7th Annual Report (English and Italian version) may be purchased from this website in digital version, at a discounted price. To request the version on paper (30 euros + shipping costs) write to The Conference Proceedings are available for download here Abstract (Italian version) Abstract (English version) Massimo Deandreis and Alessandro Panaro's Speech - 20 October 2017 Video of the Conference Press release (Italian version) Press review (Italian version)  

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