Italian Maritime Economy Report. New scenarios in the Mediterranean: Suez and China, the strategies of big carriers, new technologies and energy routes

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This issue of SRM’s Maritime Report analyses the new future challenges for the Mediterranean in the field of ports and shipping. New economic and maritime scenarios are currently being defined which will affect the competitiveness of our country’s system and shape global routes and infrastructure. In particular, transits through the Suez Canal, celebrating 150 years of operations, have been following dramatic upward trends for the past year. Secondly, the phenomenon of naval gigantism which continues to grow causing a sharp rise in the process of port selection. Due consideration is also given to China which has firmly established its strategic positioning in some of the most important port terminals of the Mediterranean. Finally, the role of Free Zones in ports which are continuing to attract industrial investment on the African bank, alongside the challenges set by new technologies and energy scenarios. Will we be able to win these challenges and turn them into opportunities?

This Report, enriched by analyses based on new direct missions carried out abroad, aims at providing food for thought and reflections on the aforementioned big topics.

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