Un Sud che innova e produce | Volume 8 | Ambiente e Territorio: valore e prospettive della filiera bioeconomica

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The aim of the research is to analyse the relationship between environment and territory in Southern Italy, focusing on the economic value of eco-friendly products in the production system of the area while also paying attention to the characteristics and qualities of the southern production chains. Another objective is to highlight the upstream and downstream production links developed by bio-based activities and their direct and indirect effects of interregional circulation on the overall economy of the regions. To this end, the study begins with an analysis of the environmental issue, the economic dimension and related policy interventions in order to estimate the role and value of the southern bioeconomy supply chain. It also includes in-depth studies on some key sectors of the bioeconomy for the Mezzogiorno such as ‘Pharmaceuticals and life sciences’, ‘Agri-food’ and ‘Bioenergy and biofuels’.

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