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Rassegna Economica

The first journal ever to be published by an Italian bank, La Rassegna Economica was founded in 1931 by the Banco di Napoli as an early instrument of highly specialised economic and financial communication on topics related to strategic governance and to competition in global markets. The magazine has included contributions world-famous authors (Galbraith, Buchanan, Klein, Becker, Tobin).

La Rassegna - edited since its first issue by the Bank's Studies Office before being taken over by SRM in 2003 - is a periodical magazine that aims to provide innovative stimuli in the entrepreneurial and institutional field on the most important and current issues concerning the development of the southern economy at national and international level. In recent years, it has specialized in monographic analyses on legality and the environment and on issues related to the relationship between justice, finance and the economy.

Scientific Committee: Cesare Imbriani (Coordinator), Giuseppe Boccuzzi, Carla Garlatti, Marco Musella, Fabio Rastrelli, Maurizio Vallone.
Editor-in-chief: Massimo Deandreis
Editorial coordinator: Salvio Capasso
Editorial staff secretariat, editing and communication: Raffaela Quaglietta

This biannual journal (ISSN 0390-010X) is registered at Tribunale di Napoli (n. 178 del 15 luglio 1955).

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