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Dossier UE

Dossier Unione Europea is a biannual journal of an operational character, produced by SRM in order to analyse and monitor the role that the EU can play in new international geopolitical dynamics. With the aim of following and adapting to changes in progress, this publication has evolved in time representing today a new tool for in-depth analyses, as well as acting as a container for topics and elaborations on new policies and the ongoing integration process.. Started in 1993 as an internal vehicle for corporate information and self-education, in 1999 it turned into a registered paper journal first published every two months and then twice a year. Since 2016 it has been distributed exclusively online.

Editor-in-chief: Massimo Deandreis
Editorial coordination: Salvio Capasso, Agnese Casolaro
Editorial staff secretariat: Raffaela Quaglietta

This biannual journal (ISSN 2035-3391) is registered at Tribunale di Napoli (n. 84 del 16 settembre 2003) and listed in the USPI (Unione Stampa Periodica Italiana).

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