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Fedespedi Public Assembly | The Goods at the Centre

On Wednesday 27 September, SRM was at the Fedespedi Public Assembly entitled 'La Merce al Centro' (Goods at the Centre).

After the institutional greetings of the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, Lorenzo Tagliavanti, the President of Fedespedi Alessandro Pitto has presented the President's Report with the aim of presenting the priorities that the Federation as an associative representation intends to promote in the dialogue with the institutional parties to strengthen the strategic nature of a logistics at the service and support of Made in Italy in the framework of an increasingly complex and challenging macroeconomic context. The trends of this scenario were presented by Professor John Manners-Bell (London Metropolitan University, author of "The Death of Globalization?) and recalled by Alessandro Panaro, (Head of Maritime & Energy SRM) with a focus on the positioning of our country in the international trade scenario.

The event was held in Rome at the Temple Hall of Vibia Sabina and Adriano, under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.


Keynote Speech - Alessandro Panaro (SRM)

Speech- President of FEDESPEDI


Video of the Conference

27.09.2023 09:30
27.09.2023 13:00

Sala Tempio di Vibia Sabina e Adriano
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