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Limes Sea Days | War Changes the Sea

On Saturday 16 September at 3.00 p.m. Massimo Deandreis, SRM General Manager, was speaker at the fourth edition of the Limes Sea Days - "War Changes the Sea" - which this year for the first time were held in Naples at the Palazzo Reale in Piazza del Plebiscito. 

SRM's General Manager spoke on the panel "What we need the sea for" with General Claudio Graziano, Mario Mattioli and Riccardo Rigillo. Moderator: Fabrizio Maronta.


SRM slides

A video of the session can be reviewed below:

16.09.2023 15:00
16.09.2023 16:30

Palazzo Reale
Piazza del Plebiscito Napoli & Online

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