ESG Lab | The sustainability of ports and shipping: alternative fuels

On Monday 22 May 2023, at the Cruise Termnal of the Port of Bari, Intesa Sanpaolo in collaboration with SRM organised a new meeting within the ESG Workshops. Theme of the meeting: The sustainability of ports and shipping: alternative fuels.

The issue of alternative fuels for ships is becoming increasingly important in the national and international arena. Ports and the related logistics chain will therefore be committed to offering increasingly diversified quality and competitive refuelling services in order to attract ships and ensure that routes are increasingly directed towards our country. This is also the context of the PNRR, which devotes significant resources to realising this type of investment with the aim of making infrastructure increasingly green.

Our Maritime & Energy Manager, Alessandro Panaro, spoke for SRM.

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22.05.2023 11:00
22.05.2023 13:30

Porto di Bari
Terminal Crociere 2° piano Bari

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Intesa Sanpaolo


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