Oltre il Mare, the Blue economy forum

SAE Publishing Group, which publishes the Italian daily newspapers Il Tirreno, La Nuova Ferrara, Gazzetta di Modena and Gazzetta di Reggio, organized "Oltre il Mare" the Blue economy forum to shine a spotlight on the sea economy sector through an event held aboard the Grimaldi Group's Cruise Sardegna ship and moored in the port of Livorno.
Meeting that opened a discussion between government representatives (the Minister of the Sea, Musumeci and Foreign Affairs, Tajani) institutions, representatives of the local and national maritime cluster, businesses and the press.

SRM General Manager Massimo Deandreis spoke at the Forum. Below is the video of his report:

14.10.2023 10:00
14.10.2023 17:30

Cruise Sardegna
Porto di Livorno Livorno

Organizing Entities

Gruppo SAE

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