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Prices of raw materials and container freight rates

The Propeller Club Port of Milan and Naples, with the schientific collaboration of SRM, organised a webinar that was held on Monday 27 September at 5am.

We talked about "Prices of raw materials and container freight rates; trends, economic impacts and perspectives".

Alessandro Panaro, Head of Service Maritime & energy of SRM, will give a speech on: "The new challenges of the Mediterranean: the major routes and the freight market"


27.09.2021 17:00
27.09.2021 18:30

Organizing Entities

Propeller Club Port of Milan

Propeller Club Port of Naples


Italian Maritime Economy. Ports, routes, freight rates and shipping: mirrors for global change. Sustainability and logistics as key drivers for competitiveness in the Mediterranean

The eighth edition of this report analyses some of the most interesting phenomena affecting the maritime economy, brought to light by the pandemic. Covid-19, in fact, has continued to have an impact on all variables and traffic dynamics, especially with regards to the container sector.  A section of the Report is dedicated to Sustainability, considered to be a pillar on which the world economy will have to focus in the years to come. At the moment, investing in new forms of energy (such as hydrogen and LNG), focusing on everything that leads to zero emissions or the creation of so-called Green Ports, seems to be more of an obligation than a necessity. SRM's analyses look at all this, while making use of essays and in-depth studies elaborated by its national and international partners, such as the Universities of Hamburg and Antwerp and the Shanghai International Shipping Institute.

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