The 'Meets4Future' community grows | 5 new young people selected

The second selection of the #Meets4Future, SRM's project dedicated to the protagonists of tomorrow, has concluded.

We have selected 5 bright young people who are ready to express their ideas on the future of Italy and the Mezzogiorno, who will join the 10 young people already selected in 2023. With them we will experience opportunities for training and growth, but above all important moments of reflection and collaboration also through our studies, seminars, events and international scientific missions.

Below are their names:

  • Lorenzo Barrocu    
  • Fabrizio Ciannamea    
  • Alberto Garofalo    
  • Gabriele Salluce    
  • Alessandro Sellitto    

We welcome them to the SRM Community and remind them that the selections are not closed, the call remains open for new applications.

Fill out the online form and submit your CV.


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