Italian Energy infrastructures by land and sea

The top 5 Italian Energy ports concentrate around 70% of energy traffic and are: Trieste, Cagliari, Augusta, Milazzo and Genoa. Among these three are Southern ports. The greatest refining capacity is concentrated in the Southern ports of our Country, that is a gateway for new energy flows from North Africa and the Caspian area to Europe. 80% of gas imports in 2022 (Jan-Oct) is via pipeline. 64% of the gas imported via pipeline arrives in the South.
To face the contingency related to the breakdown in geopolitical relationships with Russia, gas flows from this country have decreased very significantly: in few months Algeria has replaced Russia as major gas suppliers in Italy.


MED & Italian Energy Report 2022

The Fourth "MED & Italian Energy Report. Alternative fuels: a strategic option for the Euro-Mediterranean area?” is the result of the synergy between SRM and the ESL@EnergyCenter of the Politecnico di Torino.  

The Report, in line with previous editions, continues to assess and discuss the current energy situation and future prospects in the Mediterranean region, with this year's special focus on alternative fuels (both biofuels and synthetics), which fit well with a circular economy approach and could be important in supporting decarbonisation, particularly in maritime transport. 
Alternative fuels could, in fact, play a not negligible role in accompanying the 'green' transition process and in supporting a decrease in energy dependency, also enhancing Euro-Mediterranean integration.

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