Maritime Economy for Taranto | A webinar on the value of the Apulian port

On tuesday 18th May SRMwas among the speakers of the webinar “Disegno/Turismo. Taranto città d’arte: bella, sostenibile, inclusiva”, organised by MAS – Modern Apulian Style in cooperation with Comune di Taranto and Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea - Port of Taranto.

Speakers in the panel dedicated to the maritime economy: Sergio Prete, President of the Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea, and Alessandro Panaro, Head of Maritime & Energy of SRM. Our presentation were focused on the Apulian region: maritime trade of the region, traffic data of the Apulian ports, the value of Taranto, the SEZ of the Ionian Sea.

Download the slides of SRM  

Watch the video of webinar. From min. 45:44 the speeches of Prete and Panaro.


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