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Our Observatory at the Shipping 4.0 Conference | 11 February

On 11th February 2021, SRM will be at the Shipping 4.0 conference that will be held in Genoa. Massimo Deandreis and Alessandro Panaro will be speaker at 9:50 on the Port Model 6.0 oriented to resilience and innovation which adapts to economic and pandemic shocks. 8 round tables will follow: a) ports, b) logistics and environment, c) shipowners and investments, d) AI and Blockchain, e) the new cities of the post-covid economy, between revival and digital and green transition; f) the evolution of the shipbuilding industry 4.0; g) ports and catastrophic weather events (natural phenomena); h) 5g and infrastructures – what are the benefits? Shipping 4.0 will tell you about the best practices and will highlight through “think tanks” what the shipping industry will be in 10-20 years, to set in motion a virtuous circle that can be a trigger for the industry. A key theme: how Genoa can become the hub of the Mediterranean (port, external dam, railway system, which may connect the city to the Silk Road). Programme Registration

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