SRM at the 7th Global Shipping Think Tank Alliance Annual Meeting

SRM attended the 7th annual meeting of Global Shipping Think Tank Alliance.

The meeting date was Thursday, June 2 and the topic was The Uncertainties – expected impacts on the maritime industries and possible counter measures.

Our speech was on The New Challenges of Logistics and Maritime Economy. A Focus on the Mediterranean Sea.  

Other speeches were given by representatives from Shanghai International Shipping Institute (SISI China), Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics (ISL Germany), Korea Maritime Institute (KMI Korea), World Maritime University (Sweden), PolyU Maritime Library and R&D Center(HK China), Center for Maritime Studies of NUS (Singapore), Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (Egypt), Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness of University of Texas at El Paso (USA), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), China Academy of Transportation Sciences (China), DNV(Norway), Drewry(Britain), and others.

In particular, Professor Burkhard Lemper, the current chairman of the alliance and managing director of ISL, presided over the meeting and delivered an opening speech. KMI President, Jong Deog Kim, as the former chairman delivered a welcome speech. Dr. Nan Zhao, the deputy secretary-general of SISI made an annual work report on behalf of alliance secretariat.

At the meeting, representatives from alliance members analyzed and discussed the impact of various uncertain events from different angles such as epidemic outbreaks, maritime accidents, cyber-attacks and regional conflicts on the global port and shipping industry, as well as the practice, experience and possible measures that might be taken by the industries around the world.

At the meeting, the invitation for preparation of the second GSTTA Book was also released, focusing on the development of the global port and shipping industry under the influence of uncertainties and possible counter measures. The Book plans to collect the wonderful views and analysis of the representatives of GSTTA members, and provide reference and suggestions for the maritime industry worldwide.



GSTTA BOOK. Impact of COVID-19 on Maritime Industry

The "GSTTA Book" is the first report released by the "Global Shipping Think Tank Alliance", of which SRM is part. The book mainly focuses on the impact of Covid-19 on the shipping industry and the development of the regional shipping industry, highlights practices, policies and challenges in the digital era, and provides suggestions for global port and shipping industry. This is a collection of 7 presentation-based chapters and one new chapter. Its contributors are GSTTA members from Shanghai International Shipping Institute (China), Korea Maritime Institute (Korea), and World Maritime University (Sweden), Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics (Germany), Maritime Economy Observatory (Italy), Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), PolyU Maritime Library and R&D Center (Hong Kong, China). They wrote on the COVID-19’s impact in their respective fields and on how their institutes and/or their governments and industries have responded to the impact.

In particular, the article written by SRM is focused on: COVID-19 Results of a Brief Investigation: the Logistics and Maritime Italian Operators’ Sentiment. 

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