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Il MED & Italian Energy Report 2021 è stato presentato quest'anno a Bruxelles il 1° dicembre in un evento ibrido e riservato, con la partecipazione di esponenti delle istituzioni europee,  associazioni di categoria internazionali, rappresentanti dell’Industria energetica e delle infrastrutture connesse all’energia. 

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MED & Italian Energy Report 2021

The Third "MED & Italian Energy Report” is the result of the synergy between SRM and the ESL@EnergyCenter of the Politecnico di Torino.  The Joint Research Center of European Commission and the Matching Energies Foundation also contributed to the creation of the Report.  

The ENEMED 2021 Report provides a comprehensive analysis of hydrogen, one of the new frontiers of the future energy system. Today, in fact, it is necessary to focus on energy sources and technologies that can enable the achievement of sustainability objectives currently at the core of the European and Italian agenda. In this context, the Mediterranean region can play a crucial role in terms of the development of new renewable sources and technologies aimed at reducing emissions and improving the efficiency of the entire energy chain. Ports and Shipping, along with the manufacturing sector, are among the leading players in the green transition and are looking with interest at the use of hydrogen as an energy vector for decarbonisation.  

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