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Tailor-made research

We carry out tailor-made analyses and economic research to fulfil the strategic, managerial and operative needs of companies, public bodies and professional associations.

We help our clients understand market dynamics and trends in the local economic and productive context by producing data and statistics through innovative methodology while making use of the most up-to-date databases.

We take into account the key sectors of the real economy, territorial dynamics, maritime transport and logistics, the evolution of the energy system and the value of the social economy.

Who we are

SRM Services Srl provides economic research and related services to public and private organizations who require detailed investigations. These kinds of operative studies are conducted by drawing upon the proven track record of SRM – Studi e Ricerche per il Mezzogiorno.

SRM Services Srl stands out mainly thanks to the analyses and production of original economic data as well as its close observation of economic phenomena which are analysed in terms of national, international and chronological impact.

Are you a businessman and keen to find out more about likely scenarios and development strategies?

Know how

Companies, logistics and intermodal multinationals, trade associations, Chambers of Commerce, foundations, Port Network Authorities, local and territorial government agencies.

Strategic plans, analyses for the development and competitiveness of sectors and territories, customized surveys, focus groups of sectoral stakeholders, geo-referenced analyses.

Helping our clients to better understand economic-strategic trends, attract investments, promote territorial marketing, define sectoral policies, and know more about the sentiment of opinion leaders.

Are you an operator in maritime transport or logistics and keen to better understand current phenomena and changes?

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Organisation of training and specialization courses in economic subjects.

Organisation of seminars and conferences in the fields of territorial and sector-specific economics.

Designing and editing scientific publications, volumes, studies and magazines.

Are you keen to better understand trends in the energy sector and the new frontiers of sustainable development?

Company Structure
Board of Directors
  • Paolo Scudieri (President)
  • Massimo Deandreis (CEO)
  • Gregorio De Felice
  • Giuseppe Nargi
  • Salvio Capasso (Administrative Director)
  • Alessandro Panaro (Head of Research)

Are you operating in tourism, culture or agri-food industry and keen to obtain targeted research for future investment?

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