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Call for papers 2017 | Rassegna Economica | Deadline, May, 31

coverThe seventh edition of the call for papers for the “Rassegna Economica” is started; addressing under-35 researchers it aims to publish essays which are able to greater develop aspects that are related to the Underground economy in Southern Italy (the “Mezzogiorno) and the Maritime Economy.

The selected papers will be published in the “Rassegna Economica” international journal in an ‘ad hoc’ issue.

In addition, the top first paper will be awarded a prize of 5000 €.

Graduates from both Italian and foreign universities are invited to participate in the competition by submitting a short abstract
by May 31, 2017.

The papers can be written either in Italian or English.

For further information:

The deadline is fixed by the October 2017.

For details, please contact the administrative office of the “Rassegna Economica”’s Editorial office:
SRM – Administrative Office of the Economic Review’s Editorial Office

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