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SRM presenta il 6° Rapporto Annuale Italian Maritime Economy

On Thursday 4th July 2019, SRM presented the 6th annual report “Italian Maritime Economy”, resulting from the monitoring of the Permanent observatory on the Maritime Economy dealing with the issues of transport and logistics. The event took place in Naples at Palazzo Piacentini of Intesa Sanpaolo.

This issue of SRM’s Maritime Report analyses the new future challenges for the Mediterranean in the field of ports and shipping. New economic and maritime scenarios are currently being defined which will affect the competitiveness of our country’s system and shape global routes and infrastructure. A free copy of the volume will be distributed to participants.

Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, President of Intesa Sanpaolo, concluded the meeting.
 logo-Febaf-webThe presentation of the 6th annual report of SRM coincided this year with the opening of the international meeting organized by FeBAF – Federazione Banche Assicurazioni e Finanza, entitled “Financing Maritime Economy, Investment and Social Development in the Mediterranean“, which continued in the afternoon of Thursday 4th July and in the morning of Friday 5th July.


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